About us

Since 1997, New York based Studio Hong has been redefining the art of photography, now we have new name brand as Studio i.

Our team of photographers and videogrphers carefully take care of your memory. We focus on creating images in an editorial, story telling fashion, preserving the memorable moments in a truly artful manner.

Our cozy stuido has everything you need to have a successful photoshoot. We have a fully stocked cafe with snacks, warm coffee, and refreshing beverages, five spacious waiting rooms, and over 20 sets to pick from.

Upon your arrival, you'll have a designated family room to ensure comfortable and relaxed visit. You'll have the privacy and a quiet space to breastfeed or put your child to sleep. We also prepared  a make up room for you to get ready in. 

Aside from the many sets and rooms, we also have hundreds of baby clothes and accessories available for you to pick from.